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La Carbonara

The story: how Carbonara was born

The Carbonara recipe began to appear in 1944. It is said that American soldiers, during the Second World War, tasted the “cacio e ova” pasta from Abruzzo prepared by the charcoal burners (carbonari in Roman dialect) in the L’Aquila area and from here the name “carbonara”.

From there, adding the guanciale came almost naturally, even for the area where the recipe was made.

The recipe soon spread to Rome, which made it its own, adopted it to all intents and purposes, making it “a legend”.


The secrets for a good carbonara

The secret to the success of a carbonara lies in the choice of ingredients. According to the original recipe, we start with the guanciale, which should be cut into strips that are neither too thin nor too thick.

We then move on to the eggs, of which it is important to use only fresh egg yolks (one each for each diner, plus one for the pan).

Then the cheese: no Grana or Parmesan, the real carbonara requires Pecorino Romano DOP, black pepper, better if in grains and freshly ground.